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I have a lot of orders coming in everyday. I do not have enough figures to accommodate everyone. I am NO LONGER TAKING ORDERS. However I will still continue to work on the figures and then either auction off or email everyone interested and then it will be on a first come first serve basis. If you'd like to be on the list to be notified when 1 set will be available, please email me. Please also let me know you wedding date, or approx. so I know when to stop notifying you.

Tips and questions answered for creating your own figures:

Q. Do you remove all the paint from the original figures?
A. No. Marge's body is made entirely from pink plastic, so removing any wouldn't help. It takes about 6-7 coats of white paint to cover most of the pink. With the last coat of pearl paint, you can't see the pink. Homer's blue suit vanishes under the dark black paint.

Q. What kind of paint do you use?
A. Acrylic Paints. I've use a wide variety of brands, and haven't seen much difference in them.

Q. What kind of brushes do you use?
A. Small ones. The smaller the better. There are a lot of crevices that you have to put paint into or on and you don't want to get it all over the rest of the figure. I use 1/4" brushes to cover the larger areas. I wouldn't use a larger brush only because people tend to add more paint, which then causes blobs. Blobs aren't pretty.

Q. Where do you get your accessories?
A. I use 3 accessories. 1 ribbon with flower attached, 1 bunch of flowers, and 1 piece of netting for the veil. I get all of them at my local craft store. Most larger chains have a wedding section. I've found all kinds of neat things that could be added to the figure, like a small string of bead that look like pearls. You could add them to the veil to make it more accented.

Q. How do you get Marge and Homer's clothes to be shiny?
A. I use flat paints for the base of the figures and then I put a pearl coat on Marge's dress, and a glossy black for the trim of Homer's suit.

Q. I have more questions, can you answer them for me?
A. Sure drop me a email and I will respond as soon as I can. Please remember that this is not my full time job and that I can't answer them immediately.

Young Homer and Marge
Wedding Cake Topper




Copyright Tammie Helmick 2001