On this page you can find out up to date information on our wedding from where it is going to be to pictures and ideas we have about the wedding.

I have started to put pictures up click here to see them!

Hope you all had a great time, and for those who didn't make it I hope you got to catch the live broadcast of the ceremony! Check back soon for some video clips and pictures. Thank you again to everyone who came.

When we first started planning the wedding we were not expecting such a great response from everyone, so do to the number of people attending, the wedding is being moved to our house. Everyone will get either a phone call or new directions via mail or email soon. The time is still the same 4:00 on November 11th, only thing that is different is the location. We hope to see everyone!

Directions to our house.

We are now registered at Sears and Target

Invitations go out today. Also, I have put up a Hotel/Lodging section for those of you who are coming from out of state.

Almost done with the invitations.

We have the rings now.

We have picked out our rings and they are being sized. They should be ready soon. 

We have decided on a place. The Martin House, which is a bed and breakfast in Sanford. 

I think we have finally got a date...drum roll please.....November 11, 2000
I know it is close, but there really isn't much more to do.